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The spirit of greenfire is an unfolding vision of a
vibrantly-healthy biosphere with all its inhabitants living in a mutually-enhancing, balanced relationship,
nurturing the unfolding of the New Story, dream, and era
– the Ecozoic.

A Primary Earthcare Query:

How shall we....
         Reinhabit the earth in right relationship?
         Recover the commons of earth and space?
         Rebalance earth processes?
         Regenerate biological and cultural diversity while nurturing the
          restoration of ecological integrity?

          One local expression of the spirit of greenfire is taking form in the Appalachian foothills of the Ohio River Basin bioregion, near New Marshfield, Ohio. Here we are creating Greenfire Farm to discover, practice and share the wisdom which Earth and her communities offer to us.

          Greenfire Farm is an emerging, intergenerational community committed to embodying the best of Ecozoic consciousness and practices. It is a special place where friends and neighbors can live, play, work and celebrate together in an atmosphere of spiritual friendship, supporting individual well-being and growth. At Greenfire Farm, we are committed to the nurturing of earth-healing lifeways this is our collective gift to the universe.

Interests include:

          Located seven miles west of Athens, Ohio, 70 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio, and adjacent to a wildlife corridor consisting of state and national forests, Greenfire Farm's initial site of approximately 75 acres encompasses a diverse ecosystem of forests and fields, hilltops and ravines, plants and animals. In addition, we share a community center, earthen cottage, shops, barn, root cellar, water-catchment systems and solar shower. Gardens, goats and ducks grace out tables with vegetables, milk and eggs.

          We at Greenfire Farm invite folks to journey with us families, couples and individuals of all ages, with skills and interests in earthcare, sustainability and regeneration. This shared journey of the heart allows us to nurture each other in our daily lives and relationships as well as reach out to the wider earth community.

2767 State Route 56
New Marshfield, OH 45766 USA
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